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About Richard

After leaving art college in 1985 Richard quickly embarked on prolific
career as a studio photographer shooting product, food, cars and people
from converted barns on his family farm. However, the great COVID
lockdown of 2020 gave Richard lots of spare time to re-engage with his
analogue roots and he started playing with film and chemicals again. The
passion was reignited, and this led him to the masters degree in fine art
photography which he has just completed.

Keen to move away from the digital photography that he uses every day in
his commercial world, he uses analogue photography techniques in a
combination of chromatic and monochromatic styles, some going back to
the old Wet Plate Collodion technique from 1851. His recent Masters
degree project, ‘Barbs, Buried and Burnt’ work is all based on barbed wire
as a metaphor for conflict, with various methods of destruction to add
further layers of interest. This evolved from being merely a war metaphor to
also reflect on his late father, a cattle farmer who also served in the second
world war but moreover a recent, significant conflict with his brother,
following their father’s death, that has left Richard without a home and
studio. The art is Cathartic, helping him to come to terms with feeling of
anger and loss.

All images available for sale and commissions accepted.